Barbie as Rapunzel Cartoon collection 2014


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The story is based on the Brothers Grimm’s Rapunzel.

“Long, long prior, in a period of mystery and mythical beasts, there carried on a young lady named Rapunzel, who had the most excellent, brilliant hair the planet had ever seen. At the same time Rapunzel’s existence was a long way from brilliant. She existed as a servant of Gothel, a desirous, conspiring witch who kept her covered up profound in a restricting woodland, protected by the colossal winged serpent Hugo and encompassed by a captivated glass divider. Nonetheless, in a bit of destiny, Rapunzel’s finding of an enchantment paintbrush heads her on an adventure that will disentangle a web of double dealing, carry peace to two fighting kingdoms, and eventually lead her to fondness with the great looking Prince Stefan. She succedes with the assistance of Penelope, the slightest threatening of mythical beasts!